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We hope you enjoy our family website. Emma Katherine was born on October 26, 2006.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

November 2007 - January 2008

We have been very busy the last few months! Lots of new things going on including Jim starting a new job, me starting mine, and of course Emma learning new things all the time. We have been taking advantage of living so close to our families and have visited them often. Thanksgiving and Christmas were extra special this year. Jim and I hadn't been home for Thanksgiving in years and we could drive up for Christmas vs. flying across the country! Emma had so much fun eating like a big girl at the table with everyone and opening her presents. She was exhausted after all the excitement, but loved the attention. Emma saw the pediatrician the week after Thanksgiving and weighed 20 lb 5 oz. In November, she learned to put the phone to her head and say "hello" and "bye". She could combine 2 words like "thank you". She learned to Peek-a-boo and Hide and Seek, and her favorite t.v. show is "Jack's Big Music Show" (she asks for "Jack"). She knows about 6 signs, but we aren't really teaching them anymore because she learns to say the words just as fast. She fed herself with a spoon for the 1st time the day after Christmas-of course making a huge mess! She knew all the parts of her face by December, and by the end of January she learned her belly, toes, hands, and feet. She smacks her lips when she kisses. Her vocabulary is getting huge, we lost count of how many words she knows because she adds another every day or two! She can say Grandma ("Mahma"), Grandpa ("Papa"), Tim, Chad, Chrissy ("Ris" or "Rissy") and knows who Rachel is, but has a hard time with her name! She repeats a lot of what people say, so we have to remind everyone to behave themselves! On January 25th she got her 10th tooth (4 this month). My favorite new phrase is "La Loo" (love you). She got 2 Elmo books for Christmas so she loves him and calls him "Melmo". She started saying her name "Memma" but has figured out it is Emma. When asked how old she is she puts up a finger and says "One". She does "So Big" by putting up her hands and saying "Big"! She knows what her diaper is and sometimes says "Diapoo" when she wakes up and wants it changed. She can count on her fingers to 3. Jim and I are amazed at all she has learned in the last few months. She is looking and acting more like a toddler all the time! We will add more pictures again in a few months.

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