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We hope you enjoy our family website. Emma Katherine was born on October 26, 2006.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Emma's Third Month

Emma has changed so much in the last three months. She has learned so many things since we got back from Indiana. She makes so many sounds now and changes the shape of her mouth and volume to make them sound differently. She mimics sounds we make to her, too. She can hold her head up almost entirely on her own and we do lots of tummy time each day to strengthen her neck muscles. She laughed for the first time this month on the 16th, and that was also the day she moved to the crib from the bassinet. I was sad for her to leave my side. I barely slept the first few nights she was away from me, getting up to check on her and listening for her to cry. She loves her crib and sleeps better than ever! She will sleep through the night sometimes if I let her, but usually we wake up once to eat so she isn't crabby in the morning. She is usually talking to the animals in her mobile when she wakes up, and gives me the biggest grin when I walk in. She is definitely a morning person!

She rolled over back to front once on the 26th, but not again since. She plays with her hands a lot, holding them together and touching her hair and clothes. She learned to suck her fingers and thumb, which has helped her to cry less and console herself. Her feet have been catching her eye, but she doen't know how to grab for them yet! She saw her Pediatrician on January 8th and her weight was 12 lb. 7 oz. and her length 23 1/2 in. She had a Hepatitis B shot in November, which was difficult to see, but this time she had four immunizations and it nearly killed me! I know for sure I could never be a pediatric nurse! I cried almost as much as Emma when her smile at the nurse turned into a pouty lip and crocodile tears. She was a trooper though! She is such a precious angel and we are having so much fun!