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We hope you enjoy our family website. Emma Katherine was born on October 26, 2006.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Emma's Eleventh Month

Our big news this month is that we sold our house! We will be moving the 29th and living in Fishers by October 1st. We can't wait, but this is going to be one busy month!
Emma learned how to point at things this month. If she wants something, now she can communicate it with us. She learned her second sign, eat, and tells us all the time that she is hungry!
She loves to cuddle with her blankie and with Mommy and Daddy. She said her 5th word, "Hi" on September 1st and waves and says hi to everyone she meets! She learned how to point to Mommy's nose and eyes. She said "Uh oh!" on the 4th and says it constantly now. She deliberately throws things just to have an excuse to say it! Our big day was the 5th when Emma took her first steps!!! She took 4 steps to Mommy and since then she has taken up to 6, but prefers to crawl for now. She only walks when she isn't trying, then drops to her knees as soon as she realizes it. She got her 3rd tooth on the 7th and 4th tooth on the 21st (top front). She does a huge smile with her eyes squinted to show them off. Emma and Mommy flew to Indiana (Emma's 5th trip up there by plane) for Uncle Tim's Confirmation. We were there the 7-17th. While we were there, she learned how to kick a ball. We also went to our first Purdue football game with Grandma Debbie, Grandpa Jim, Great-Grandpa J.J., Uncle Chad, and Tiffany. We watched Purdue beat Central Michigan by a landslide! Grandma Sharp taught her that a cat says "Meow" and she meows so good I think it really is Abby sometimes! She had macaroni and cheese and grilled cheese for the first time and loves them both! She loves to eat like a big girl. She has milk 4 times a day now, and 3 are in a cup. Unfortunately, Emma had her first cold at the end of this month. Just a runny nose, she was still herself playing and giggling as usual. We see Dr. Meyer for her last check-up before we move in a few days. Indiana, here we come!!


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Emma's Tenth Month

This month, Emma started drinking her milk from her sippy cup. She has milk 5 times a day, and 2 of them are now from a cup. I plan to have her take all of them from the cup by the time she turns one and switches over to cow's milk. She can now drink from the sippy all by herself. She said her 4th word, kiss, and kisses us all the time. She also started hugging and kissing her stuffed animals. She threw/pushed a ball for the first time. We discovered a fun place called Play Zone that we now go to every Wednesday for Emma to play with other kids. They have soft play mats and toys for her to let loose. We still go to storytime, too. She waves at everyone and everything, especially at Daddy when he comes home from work. She can stand alone for about 30 seconds and walk when you hold her hands or when she has her cart to push. She can bend down and pick things up with great balance, too. She learned on her own to put her purse on her arm-she sticks her arm straight out so it doesn't fall off! She loves jewelry and shoes, too, so we will have trouble when she is a teenager! Her favorite book and song is Personal Penguin, she loves reading books and if she is upset, all Daddy or I have to do is sing that song and she calms down and smiles. She can turn pages all by herself and points at the pictures. She points to anything that catches her eye and to things that she wants. She still has just 2 teeth on the bottom, but I feel them on top so they may come soon. Her smile is so cute with her little teeth sticking out! We have been teaching her a few signs since she was about 4 months old, and she now can do the sign for milk. She recognizes more, eat and ball, but can't do them yet. All three of us went to Indiana for a visit for my 29th birthday and to apartment hunt in Indy. We didn't think we would be moving yet, just wanted to be ready when the house sold. When we got back, we had an offer and we close on October 4th! We are moving to Fishers, IN on October 1st. We will see the Pediatrician one last time next month before we move, but she didn't see him this month. She has been so healthy, she has never been sick. We can't wait to move back home and spend more time with our families!